The House will be comprised of companies of various sizes and stages of development that cross industries, markets, and value chain positions.

 This admixture of members is crucial. Through its curatorial approach to the composition of its membership, the House selects a tailored group of larger established companies and newer start-up ventures to foster mutual exchange of long term experience and entrepreneurial vision. To this end, the House will also host an Incubation Center designed to help start-up companies and entrepreneurs bring their business plans to market quickly and successfully. This atmosphere, combined with support services provided by NEOC staff, benefits each member uniquely. Member companies are able to develop closer ties with others just outside of their networks, knowledge transfer within the cluster can happen more quickly, and collaborative projects can come together seamlessly.

The net result of these efforts and networks is a more competitive cluster, faster movement from idea to marketplace, greater efficiency, greater profitability, and a more transformative impact on the industry as a whole.

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