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New Preventive Action!

Updated 11/3/20

Dear NEOC friends,


Governor Mills's Administration has modified its phased reopening plan in response to a rising regional COVID-19 case count. Let's cut to the chase with this one, the most significant changes to our policies at the moment are regarding travel. Per the State, there are no longer quarantine exemptions for people who have visited CT, NY and NJ, and if you have recently visited any of these states, you will be required to quarantine for 14-days or receive a negative result before you may go about your "normal" life in Maine. Ensuring you receive an approved test is critical. At the moment, accepted tests include Antigen or molecular (commonly phrased PCR or RT-PCR). Please follow this protocol when using and making plans for other to use the Hús.

We also want to continue to call attention to the Keep Maine Healthy campaign. It focuses on 3 pillars born out of the State's initial response to COVID-19:

  1. Testing as an alternative to quarantine

  2. Increasing symptom checks

  3. Supporting local public health and prevention efforts

Please be honest with yourself about your travel and exposure! We want the Hús to continue to be a safe place for those who enter.

Our Policies!


Basic Covid-19 prevention guidelines for all visitors to the Hús:

  • Practice social distancing at all times and respect the space of others

  • Wash and/or sanitize your hands upon entry and throughout your stay, we have plenty of sanitizer and sinks at your disposal

  • Wear a mask upon entry, keep it ready for use when in close proximity to others, and don't worry if you forgot yours, we'll have plenty of extras in the entryway

  • Keep your mask on when walking through the common spaces of the Hús

  • Sanitize your hands before and after using frequently touched objects and surfaces, there should be a spray bottle somewhere nearby

  • Wipe objects after use as best as possible

  • Avoid visiting after travel in accordance with State of Maine guidelines

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes and wash your hands afterwards

  • Please be sensitive to your own exposure via personal travel and that of family or friends. If you have traveled recently, please adhere to quarantine or testing guidelines put forth by Maine’s health authorities and only visit the Hús after appropriate steps have been taken.

  • Please be sensitive to your own exposure to COVID-19 through our return to the school year. Be mindful of positive tests that you or family may have been in close proximity to and avoid visiting the Hús until you have quarantined or received the appropriate negative tests.

  • Safety is no accident! Your commitment to an abundance in caution will help keep us all safe and healthy. Thank you in advance!

  • "When can I remove my mask?" Good question. Here is our policy:

    • Tenants may ​their remove masks when in an office or at a permanent workstation

    • Visitors may remove their mask if visiting a tenant in their office, or when isolated in the Hús in a manner that adheres to "physical distancing" guidelines and are more than 6 feet away from the nearest person

    • Any guest may remove their mask when in one of the breakout rooms as long as the entire party is comfortable with the decision. We encourage clear communication prior to removing masks.

  • #WHOISNEXT helps us keep things clean! During the pandemic, we all have a responsibility to others, and the #whoisnext campaign is our way of encouraging everyone to be thinking "who will be using the space after me". With this in mind, we ask all guests to wipe down surfaces and objects with sanitizer after use, clear all personal items such as empty coffee cups, and avoid leaving personal items in common areas. Let's make sure those that follow are as comfortable as you and I.

Capacity Considerations

We are managing the Hús in alignment with the State's guidance for retail spaces which is 5 guests per 1000 square feet of space. The Hús is approximately 8,000 square feet so our non-event capacity sits at 40. This remains in place after the Governor's release on 11/1/20

Travel, Quarantine, Exemptions and Visiting the Hús:

The NEOC is adhering to the State of Maine's travel guidance and asks that visitors observe all of the appropriate mandates. It creates a challenge for us all, undoubtedly, but let's all do our part and get through this together.

The State of Maine has imposed the following:

  • All out of state travelers, whether Maine residents or visitors, must quarantine for 14 days upon entry

  • The state only exempts those visiting or returning from NH, VT, and MA from the mandatory 14 day quarantine without a test

  • All other exemptions require a negative Antigen or PCR (molecular) test within 72 hours of entry into the state

  • For up to the minute updates, please visit the State of Maine's COVID-19 Travel Page

Events at the Hús:

The NEOC currently manages meetings and events in accordance with the state's COVID 19 Prevention Checklist for gatherings and on a case by case basis. If you're interested in using the space or have specific questions about the operation, we encourage you to make reach out to us at


Occupancy limitations can be found below:

Breakout rooms:

  • Dolland 5

  • Youle 4

  • Fresnel 8

Gatherings of more than 8 people require special consideration. In this process, an NEOC representative will share company policies and guidelines, gather details of the event, and conduct an internal review prior to offering approval. 

General Guidance Checklist – What the NEOC is doing to keep employees and customers safe

Additional Covid-19 Resources:

Updates for Our Community on Events & Programming
  • With the help of our members, tenants and collaborators, we will modify previously arranged programming with public health and safety in mind

  • We are committed to adaptation and excited to find new ways to engage with our clients and audiences throughout COVID-19’s period of heightened caution

  • In the Hús, we are routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces, including countertops, tables and doorknobs with approved disinfectants

  • We’ll continue to arrange small tours for those interested in seeing the space, please send a note to

We'll share all event related notifications and updates via social media!

As you get in the habit of engaging in some more regular day-to-day activities, please continue to be vigilant. If you should have any questions about how we are modifying our operations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or 207-560-5850.

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