Happy Earth Day 2020.

A few simple things we all can do this year to make the planet feel good!

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Working from home. Social distancing. Stay at home orders. In the early parts of 2020, life has been dramatically different for all of us. So, this year, we want to make sure we focus on being optimistic for Earth Day: drawing from the silver lining of our altered day-to-day. Behaviors are tricky things to adjust, especially when we don't have the time to slowdown to find an alternative solution. Well, here are our favorite quick changes that we have made as a team and why, if we all commit to small changes, we can have a big impact.

Eat More (local) Seafood & Vegetables: Our food choices have an enormous impact on our own personal carbon footprints, not to mention our health as well! Eating local cuts down on transport emissions and when you swap out a piece of beef for fish, lobsters, or mussels, you greatly reduce the resources needed to get that protein to your plate. It tastes damn good too!

Hang up the Keys: Who would have known there were so many adventures to be had right outside your front door! Many of us have found new things to do within a stroll's distance from our homes, saving gas and forcing a return to your creative, childhood roots. Sticks have become lightsabers for us once again.

Ditch the Screen:​ Charge, use, drain, charge, use, drain. On and on it goes. Our portable devices may not seem like huge energy consumers, but they are. Putting them down for a little while won't make them sad and it does the planet good, especially if we all reduce our screen time by 20% over the course of the year. Your eyes will thank you, and Oprah's Book Club is waiting.

Plant Flowers and Trees: You don't have to be an expert gardener to plant flowers or trees in your yard. You'll support the local bee community, you'll be adding oxygen producers, you'll help stabilize the earth and reduce runoff, and you'll forever remember "that was the tree I planted during the virus."

Hang Your Laundry: This one is pretty self explanatory...if you need a better explanation you....well, you'll figure it out.

Think Before You Use & Reuse More! We'll be the first to admit, toilet paper wasn't at the top of our survival lists, but it now seems more likely that the next post-apocalyptic thriller to come out of Hollywood will have Kevin Costner freeing containers of triple-ply from the Dennis Hopper-type villain with an eyepatch and a questionable desire to wreak havoc. The lesson here is that moderation is best, and hoarding only makes it harder for others to get what they need. We can certainly be more mindful of what we consume, while finding ways to shift away from single use.

Round Down, Don't Round-Up: It's weed season and you are proud of having the fastest hands on the cul-de-sac. Bravo Mr. Eastwood. You can draw, spray and watch that dandelion melt away before the mailman finishes inserting your Sears catalog into the mailbox. Living near the coast, however, a lot of our landscaping chemicals end up right in the ocean. Find time to assess the planet friendliness of the products you use to impress your neighbors and keep your lawn looking green. You'll make your home safer for children and pets too.

"Who Touched the Thermostat": Working from home during a relatively chilly April has led to the discovery of new drafts for many of us. It can be easy to turn up the heat, but you would be amazed what a few more threads in the form of a sweatshirt or light blanket might do for your core temp. If you keep the thermostat low, then you are in the know. Coin that!

Be Passionate & Encourage Others: Let's face it, we all love a good influencer and the planet needs many more of them. Avoid the soapbox and politics, be inspirational in your encouragement and you could be a multiplier of green habits amongst friends and family. 

Commit to Learning More: There will always be new and creative ways to be more respectful of the rock we inhabit! Find sources of information that resonate with you, return to them periodically to learn more about what is happening, and keep crafting new behaviors!

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