Members & Tenants.

These are the people and businesses that keep us going!

Leadership Board

We have enormous gratitude for these wonderful community leaders who support us each year. The NEOC wouldn't be in existence without their continued support, guidance, and collaboration



Who's in the Hús?

Our tenancy is growing, offices and desks are filling, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Among those working out of the Hús, you'll find entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academic partners, ecosystem supporters, and non-profits. The best part? Everyone helps one another.  



Office 1 – New England Ocean Cluster

Office 2 – SoliDG & Salt of Maine

Office 3 Vacant

Office 4 – Sustainametrix

Office 5 – Thor’s Skyr

Office 6 – Conscious Revolution

Office 7 – Univ. of ME Grad. & Prof Center

Office 8Vacant

Office 9 – Treadwood

Office 10 – MCE

Office 11Everything Seaweed

Office 12 – Hiddenfjord

Office 13 – Maine Standard Biofuels

Office 14Words @ Work

Office 15Secret Island / Salmones Austral NA

Office 16 – Adapt Agency

Office 17Orange Bike Brewing Company

Office 18 – Univ. of Southern Maine

Office 19 - New England Ocean Cluster

Office 20 – Storage


Desk 1Vacant

Desk 2 – Vacant

Desk 3Vacant

Desk 4 – Sea Meadow Marine Foundation

Desk 5 – Saltwater Classroom

Desk 6 – Mike Conathan

Desk 7Vacant

Desk 8 – American Aquafarms

Desk 9Vacant 

Desk 10 – Ocean Farm Supply

Desk 11 – Bernard Hidier (Finsulate, Ostrea)

Desk 12 – Maine Outdoor Brands

Desk 13 – Justin Levesque (One Dynamic Sys.)

Desk 14 – Mindful Employer

Cluster Members 

At the NEOC, our goal is to facilitate a greater level of connectivity amongst ocean-minded organizations with the hopes that it will lead to sustainable Blue Economy development. Our expanding network of members represents a broad cross-section of people, businesses, institutions and non-profits, all of whom are collaborative and excited to meet new people. If you would like to connect, just click below:

Adapt Agency

Allen Insurance

American Aquafarms

Atlantic Sea Farms

Bobbie Lamont / Maine Angels

Bristol Seafood

Coastal Enterprises Inc

Deckhand / Real Time Data North America

Downeast Institute

Everything Seaweed

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Marin Skincare


High Liner Foods

Justin Levesque / One Dynamic System 

Key Bank

Look Lobster

Maine Center for Entrepreneurs 

Maine Family Seafarm Cooperative

Maine Outdoor Brands

Maine Oyster Company

Maine Salt Farm

Maine Standard Biofuels

Marine Microverse Institute 

Mike Conathan

Mindful Employer

Net your Problem

Nordic Aquafarms

North Atlantic Cargo Line

North Marine Ingredients

Orange Bike Brewing Company

Opolis Optics


Paramount Planet Product

Pierce Atwood

Secret Island / Salmones Austral NA

Saltwater Classroom

Salt of Maine

Soli DG, Inc 


Offshore Wind US

Thor Skyr


UMaine Graduate & Professional Center

University of Southern Maine

Words @ Work

Woodard and Curran

World Ocean Observatory