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What We Do.

Our Member and Client Services.


Since our founding in 2014, we have worked on a membership basis with individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, public and non-profit entities, as well as academic institutions on a broad cross section of projects. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to a global network of industry leaders and subject matter experts, offer sound strategic support, and to help turn innovative ideas into commercially viable products, programs, or entities.

The services listed below are offered as part of our Cluster Membership. Memberships are offered at a flat rate and renewed annually, and are priced based on company size. The NEOC engages with all of its members at an advisory level, providing high level facilitation, guidance, and networking opportunities, but if members are in need of more acute support, additional project agreements can be put in place between the member and the NEOC.

Questions? You know how to find us!



Over the course of the last 5 years, the NEOC has become very well connected with an international network as the Global Ocean Cluster community continues to grow. Collaborations now extend through Iceland, Norway, Greenland, New Bedford (MA), Seattle (WA) and Alaska. Membership provides opportunities to access these contacts and request introductions to those that may help address an area of need or accelerate company growth. Additionally, members are provided with ample opportunities over the course of the calendar year to network directly with one another at local events or collaborate on specific projects or in workgroups. The Global Ocean Cluster network, when leveraged effectively, is an incredible resource, no matter the size or structure of the member company.


This collaborative, Blue Economy workspace is home to the NEOC’s startup incubator as well as its rentable desks, offices, and meeting spaces. Member-tenants will be encouraged to utilize the facility as a co-working environment, and as a venue to take a meeting with partners, enjoy a morning coffee meeting with a collaborator, or join an after-hours social with colleagues. In its simplest form, the Hús is designed to cluster a dynamic community of ocean-minded people, willing to embrace their shared capacities and expertise to grow and innovate. Members enjoy preferred access to events at the Hús, and are also able to reserve the breakout rooms, boardroom, and event spaces at reduced rates.



Workgroups are an inclusive programmatic element designed to bring multiple NEOC members together to pursue a larger project or objective. Often guided by a critical need or an identified opportunity, workgroups incorporate a developmental period that can culminate in the form of a large-format event, the creation of a new company, or the launch of a new product. No matter what the effort is, the reason to engage in a workgroup is simple: they are an incredibly efficient way to make forward progress on an initiative. All members have the freedom to attend workgroup meetings, participate in spinoff projects when appropriate, and help with organization of new workgroups when needs arise.  Please see our website for open Workgroups.


The NEOC regularly presents at and organizes events in Maine and across the North Atlantic region designed to further connect the constituency of the Blue Economy. Whether it’s through regularly recurring workgroup meetings and engaging installments of Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE), or annual events like Walk the Working Waterfront and Arctic Circle Assembly, we constant strive to bring thoughtful and educated people together so that new opportunities, no matter what they might be, are identified and pursued with environment and community in mind. Members receive preferred access to all NEOC events and are able to participate in and use the regularly recurring activities, such as workgroups and EITBE, to help address their own areas of need. 

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