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100% Fish

Why committing to full utilization can ignite entrepreneurial activity and redefine an economy

The global cod fishery wastes nearly 60% of each landed fish. Through collaborative innovation, Icelandic entrepreneurs have realized the opportunities that these byproducts represent and have tackled the fish waste problem head on. As a result of efforts like the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s 100% Fish Project, upwards of 95% of each cod is now utilized and diverted from the dust bin. Companies turn heads, guts, tails, skin and more into consumer goods and products in beauty, health, and pharmaceutical industries. All of these activities translate to a more value for each landed cod, a more valuable fishery, a stronger GDP, and less waste!

WED, MAR 31  |  ZOOM  |  12-1
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Hrönn Margrét
Co-Founder & CEO

Feel Iceland

Hrönn Margrét Magnúsdóttir is Co-Founder & CEO, Feel Iceland. She holds a master's degree in International Business with extensive experience in global marketing and product development for medical devices. Hrönn stays active with her children and pets, loves to play golf and volleyball, and she fishes whenever her schedule allows. 


Startup Iceland

Bala Kamallakharan is the Founder and CEO of Startup Iceland, a grassroots initiative aimed at building a sustainable startup ecosystem in Iceland. He has served as an executive board member for Guide to Iceland and TravelShift. Over the years, Bala has invested, mentored, and served as Chairman of the Board at CLARA (Resonata), the Icelandic Community Analytics company, which was acquired by Jive Software in 2013. Bala has invested in various early-stage ventures, including Buuteeq (acquired by Priceline.com), Mattermark, and Genome Compiler (acquired by Twist Biosciences). 


Iceland Ocean Cluster 

Berta Daníelsdóttir is the CEO of The Iceland Ocean Cluster since November 2016. The Iceland Ocean Cluster is a successful accelerator and innovation center that creates value and premium products from Iceland ́s marine industries. During her time in The Iceland Ocean Cluster she has worked very closely with the founder Dr. Thor Sigfusson on various projects including establishing start-ups and opening the first two food halls in Iceland. Before joining The Iceland Ocean Cluster, Berta worked for international food machinery producer Marel for 18 years in various management positions in Iceland, Singapore and Seattle, US. 

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Founder & Chairman

Iceland Ocean Cluster 

Thor Sigfusson is an Icelandic entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is the founder of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, Codland, Collagen and Sjó Food Hall co-founder of Hlemmur Food Hall, Reykjavik Foods and several other startups in ocean and food related industries. Thor co-founded the New England Ocean Cluster in Portland Maine. Thor has published numerous books on subjects ranging from business to salmon. He has a PhD in international business and business networks and his research has been published in academic journals. His main interest and passion is encouraging the world to increase the utilization of seafood resources. 


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Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE) is an event series created by the New England Ocean Cluster to share the stories of ocean-focused entrepreneurs and project leaders in Maine. Each session is free to attend and includes a curated panel of speakers who share their own intimate and organic perspectives on the topic du jour. Created in 2019, the program’s intent is to convene an engaged audience to raise awareness, promote dialog, and facilitate connections amongst those interested in the region’s blue economy. Though our delivery is now virtual, the focus remains the same. We are proud to be launching our winter season with the incredible support of or presenting sponsors; the University of Maine Graduate & Professional Center, Eaton Peabody, and Best of Maine

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