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The Hatchery is an inclusive, grassroots, and open-ended incubator program that supports the creation and growth of companies by building critical human connections. The program provides founders developing innovative products access to mentors, to a collaborative community, to business development experts, and research support graduate and undergraduate students. These resources are designed to help founders strengthen the framework of their emerging venture and sharpen the path to success.


Support when your business needs it most.

The Hatchery is officially launching in January of 2024 after a successful quiet pilot period over the previous 12 months. In that time, the NEOC worked directly with more than half a dozen pre-revenue founders who shared common successes, including:

  • Business structuring and incorporation

  • Intellectual property and product development

  • Accelerated marketing and business planning

  • Grant awards

  • Application and acceptance into prestigious external accelerators

  • Pitch contest wins


Who is The Hatchery for?
  • Founders refining their business ideas and strategies

  • Pre-revenue startups and ventures

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to set the foundation for growth

  • Collaborative, forward-thinking leaders with an ocean related or ocean adjacent idea, company, or project


What to Expect.
  • Participants receive membership to the NEOC and the benefits that come with it

  • You’ll get as much out of the program as you put in, so be proactive in meeting people, attending community events and chatting with entrepreneurs

  • Warm introductions to collaborative companies, organizations, and institutions that can help with early-stage development

  • Access to research support from USM and UMaine students when appropriate

  • High degrees of accessibility and inclusivity with rolling admission throughout the year

  • Application is completed through a conversational interview with NEOC team members

Eligibility and Cost?
  • ​Thanks to our Transforming the Blue Economy Partners, there is no participation fee and no minimum revenue requirements. 

  • Participants may rent rooms or purchase day passes at the Hús at member rates at their own discretion.

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