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the Blue Economy



Transforming the Blue Economy (TBE) is a purpose-driven program developed by the New England Ocean Cluster that endeavors to shift the traditional ways of utilizing marine resources towards more sustainable and responsible practices. It involves reimagining and reshaping various sectors within the blue economy, including fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, recreation, renewable energy, and maritime transportation with a focus on environmental stewardship and social well-being.

Shifting development towards sustainable and responsible business practices that prioritize the health of our marine ecosystems and social well-being.


Through its 4 core projects, TBE endeavors to advance and modernize New England’s ocean-minded industries through education and community engagement; by bridging the gap between capacity and need; and by assisting in the creation and deployment of sustainable and innovative enterprises. 

Inclusion in the Blue Economy is a cohort-based program created for entrepreneurs from demographics traditionally underrepresented in the marine space providing access to a place to work and a robust network.

The Soft Landing Program provides essential support and resources to international startups looking to establish a presence in the North American market via Maine as a gateway.

The Hatchery supports pre-revenue founders, entrepreneurs, and early stage startups by connecting them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

The Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE) event series is a platform that supports and inspires innovative, ocean-related startups and ventures through networking, workshops, and panel discussions.

Inclusion in the Blue Economy played a key role in the early-stage development of both Viable Gear and Viable Consulting. Through my 6-month sponsored residency at the Hús, I was provided a place to work, was regularly exposed to like-minded entrepreneurs, and had access to leaders that I could always bounce my ideas off.

Katie Weiler, Founder, Viable Gear

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