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The Hús is Here for You

Our Blue Economy workspace is spacious, clean, and full
of like-minded tenants.
Let's Get to Work.

20 glass offices. 14 permanent workstations. 2 breakout rooms. An executive boardroom with wraparound balcony.  2 private phone booths. Large kitchenette, dining area, and presentation space. One excellent place to grow your business.

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When you're on the working waterfront and next-door to great food and drink, you're excited to come to work and compelled to entertain. The Hús sits perched on Maine Wharf, making your professional and networking responsibilities a joy.

Casual & Executive Meeting Rooms.


Whether you're a small team or a large one, looking to brainstorm or present to your board, we have you covered. Our casual and executive meeting spaces are fully equipped with modern technology, making it a breeze to connect with those near and far.

Coffee Bar, Kitchenette, & Presentation Space.

Creativity and innovation is the result of human connection. That is why the Hús offers a centrally located bar top, kitchenette, and presentation space, always stocked with coffee, tea, and more. 

Open Door Policy.

24/7 is the name of the game! All office and permanent desk tenants enjoy unlimited access and are encouraged to take advantage of the beautiful Maine Wharf setting both during and outside of business hours. 

Curated Events & Networking.


Working in the Blue Economy has major perks: there are wonderful people, businesses, and project leaders ready and willing to tell their stories in the name of collaborative progress. The Hús will be home to many such educational and experiential gatherings designed to enhance growth.

Bells & Whistles.

We pay attention to the little things so that your day is easier. Notable amenities include AV connectivity and technology in all conference rooms for supporting support video conferences, comfortable dining and common areas for open-air meetings, high-speed internet for all visitors, happy hour programming, and more.


Perfect for your next private event.

Scenic views. Wrap-around balcony. Centrally located on Portland's historic working waterfront, the Hús is an idyllic place to host your next gathering. The experienced NEOC event team would love to help you create a memorable experience. 


Hygge (p. hyoo-guh) "A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being" - Definition by Google

The Hús is not just a traditional piece of commercial real estate, it’s a creative and artistic approach to workplace design that embraces the “hygge” mindset as a means of increasing physical and mental well-being in a professional environment. We spend more time at work than we do consciously at home, so it is important to us that the Hús is relaxing, and the space is a draw to Ocean Cluster tenants, members, and visitors.


Janeen Arnold: Vice President & Co-Founder of Soli DG, Founder of Salt Of Maine, Hús Interior Designer

The Idea Behind the Hús.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) Hús in Reykjavik opened its doors in 2012. In the beginning twelve companies had offices in the facilities but they are now over 70. Recent study by the Iceland Ocean Cluster shows that over 70% of the companies in the Ocean Cluster Hús have collaborated with another company in this facility. 


There are five major elements which have made the Cluster Houses unique.


1. The cluster houses are focused on specific groups of industry but emphasize also on the importance of bringing in new services and entrepreneurs which can strengthen the existing industry. For instance, in the Ocean Cluster Hús we combine core seafood industry people with startups in IT, product design, social media marketing etc. 


2. The cluster organizations have their meetings and gatherings in this space. There, all the members of the cluster meet with startups and get a great insight into the dynamism in the startup field. This develops an interesting community which both parties can benefit from.


3. The space is used by startups and larger companies giving both groups in the cluster a valuable networking opportunity. Here, it is also important to have a mixture of people of different age and gender. We have seen amazing spin-offs where veteran entrepreneurs have collaborated with young entrepreneurs in the ocean cluster.


4. Startups and entrepreneurs are not often paying members of clusters and are therefore often left out of collaborative dialogs. The Hús opens the doors for these valuable players in the Blue Economy.


5. I am often asked what service we provide to startups. Putting aside some absolute basics such as internet, copying machine and coffee which is of course provided, we want the startups to show a certain character before we start plugging them into our network and assist them further. If the founders show energy, organization and dedication, we become quite excited to assist them, find investors, invest ourselves, assist them in finding the right contacts etc. Our strategy is therefore: if you show dedication we are all in!

By Thor Sigfusson

Founder and President, Iceland Ocean Cluster

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