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The Soft Landing Program is a tool created to help international companies establish joint ventures and Maine-based subsidiaries as a means of growing into the North American marketplace. We get it, deciding to do business in a new country comes with many challenges. This program helps companies understand the requirements to enter the U.S. market, connects decision makers with a network of industry resources and domestic business development services, and offers access to the infrastructure and community at the Hús.


Building an international community at the Hús.

Operating out of the Hús in Portland since 2020, the Soft Landing Program is ideally situated within 8 hours drive, or a short flight, from more than 65 million people, including the major metropolitan markets of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Maine is home to a rapidly growing startup community, an educated workforce, and modern transportation infrastructure, ideal for growing startups from a broad cross-section of industries. The Hús is proudly an international hub with companies from:

  • Australia

  • Chile

  • Denmark

  • Faroe Islands

  • Iceland

  • Netherlands

Who is the Soft Landing Program For?
  • Businesses of any size, including startups, entrepreneurs, or pre-revenue founders, based outside of the United States with an interest in conducting business in the US.

  • Someone who is unsure of the steps required to enter the US marketplace.

  • Must be collaborative in nature, hardworking, and willing to spend the time necessary to leverage new relationships formed through the program.

  • Have a commercially viable idea, product, or service.

  • This program is open to all industries!

  • Can be conducted in-person or remotely.


Sponsorship Details
  • Needs assessment – We always start with a meeting over coffee (or your preferred beverage) so that we can most effectively understand your needs. We’ll chat core business functions and chart a path that will help you increase the likelihood for success in the US market

  • Warm introductions and relationship building – We’ll directly connect you with trusted partners who can help answer specific questions and establish a clear road map for US market entry. From business structure to building a strong market entry strategy

  • Network growth – You’ll have access to a diverse network of people and organizations with a wealth of experience to draw from as you begin your new endeavor

  • Community and business culture immersion – You’ll be positioned to become a part of Maine’s collaborative startup community and gain a deeper practical and cultural understanding of what it’s like doing business in the US.

Eligibility and Cost?
  • ​Thanks to our Transforming the Blue Economy Partners, there is no participation fee and no minimum revenue requirements. 

  • Participants may rent rooms and purchase day passes at the Hús at member rates at their own discretion.

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