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About Us.

There is a lot to tell, but this is a good place to start. 


The New England Ocean Cluster’s mission is to create value in the Blue Economy and discover new opportunities for sustainable growth by connecting purpose-driven people and organizations.


To improve the quality of human life and preserve the purity of our planet’s resources through establishing an ocean-focused society that embraces a healthy marriage between economies, cultures, and environmental responsibility.


The New England Ocean Cluster was proudly created in partnership with Þor Sigfusson, Founder and Chairman of the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC), headquartered in Reykjavik. Þor partnered with Maine based company Soli DG Inc. and together the NEOC was founded. Soli DG Inc. is the initial investor and current managing partner of the NEOC. 

Like our sister cluster, our goal is to connect people within the ocean economy, and to encourage an innovative and sustainable approach to realizing economic opportunity


Core to the NEOC’s efforts is the firm held belief that new ideas must be transformational; they must inspire the development of unique products, they must improve existing services, and they must create new opportunities for exchange between communities and cultures. If we want society to look at the ocean differently and more holistically, then we must work together. This is the ‘rising tide’ mentality and a fundamental tenet of the New England Ocean Cluster.

The New England Ocean Cluster is a private-sector, membership-based  entity.

Mission & Story
Our Team.
Janeen Arnold

Chief Business Development Officer & Co-Founder




Our amazing New England (NEOC) & Iceland (IOC) Based Ocean Cluster staff.

Patrick Arnold
Co-Founder & CEO
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Chris Cary


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Brian Cunningham
Client Administrative Liaison
Þor Sigfusson
Founder & Chairman
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Student Team


The New England Ocean Cluster proudly collaborates with the University of Southern Maine and its Honors Program in offering undergraduate internships designed to deliver workforce development experience in concert with academic credit. This is in connection with the University's workforce development goals and is made possible by the Maine Economic Improvement Fund.


Additionally, during the summer term of 2020, the NEOC piloted a new program with the University of Maine School of Law and the Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center giving law students an opportunity to apply their skills to industry.

Student Team
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