The “Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy” series was created to share the stories of ocean-focused ventures in Maine. As is true with business incubation in general, this series endeavors to give both budding and established businesspeople a platform to share their story, an opportunity to cite particular areas of need, and an environment to connect with a supportive and engaged audience. Each meeting will vary in size and location, but all will weave together elements of experiential learning, open discussion, and professional networking into a dynamic 2-hour session. With this series, the New England Ocean Cluster and its event collaborators, Maine Center Ventures and Startup Maine, are seeking to initiate a dialog that is inclusive, supportive of growth, and fostering of strong relationships.



The annual Walk the Working Waterfront event proudly celebrates the people, businesses, and infrastructure that comprise the heart of Portland’s ocean economy. Now in its 7th year, this community-centered affair was created to offer Maine residents, and visitors alike, the opportunity to discover, firsthand, what life on the waterfront is like. From Becky’s Diner to the Maine State Pier, attendees are welcomed into businesses for a behind-the-scenes look at operations, taken onto select commercial vessels for tours, and encouraged to explore the piers in new ways, all to promote enhanced awareness of Portland’s mixed-use waterfront. We hope attendees leave each with a better understanding of this economically critical space, who relies on it, and how it continues to evolve. The working waterfront contributes greatly to Portland’s amazingly authentic character, this is everyone’s opportunity to learn why! 

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