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Updated 3/17/22

As COVID-19 preventive measures continue to evolve in the positive direction, we would like to remind everyone that we are managing the Hús in lockstep with CDC guidance. Below you'll find all the steps you can follow to keep yourself and your neighbors safe when visiting us. 

Per the Governor's Office:

"The Maine CDC encourages Maine people, municipalities, schools, businesses, and other entities to consider the new guidance as one piece of information in a holistic approach to deciding whether masking is appropriate for them based on their risk factors." For more information from the Governor's office, please visit here.

When Visiting the Hús, What Prevention Steps Should You Take Based on Your COVID-19 Community Level?

The table below outlines how to manage your own safety depending on the prevalence of COVID-19 in your community and the specifics of your own risk factors. For an update on the status of COVID-19 in Cumberland County, please click the button below.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 11.10.35 AM.png

General COVID-19 Information 

Quarantine Guidance

Please visit the CDC's website here for updated guidance. Key changes are those made to quarantine durations for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. To help, the Maine CDC has provided the following very useful visualizations to help guide you:

Quarantine guidance for those who have tested positive for Covid-19

Quarantine guidance for those who have had a close contact with a positive case

Contact Tracing

To help protect the safety of all guests at the Hús, we encourage anyone with concerns about a COVID-19 exposure, no matter the specifics, to please report them to a member of the NEOC in an appropriate manner. We operate using the CDC's suggested contact tracing protocols and can help with all of the necessary information gathering and notifications. 

Vaccination Cards

The New England Ocean Cluster has made the choice not to request vaccination cards from its guests. Instead, we're asking visitors to be respectful, honest, and fair to those around them and observe our policies accordingly. We encourage everyone to make decisions that put safety first and are best for their own unique health needs. There is no perfect way to mitigate risks, so please take the time to inform yourself using the resources available to you. See General Information links below to read more about COVID-19 and health authority guidance. 


What we're doing to make this process easier for you:

  • We’ll have ample signage to make things very clear from the moment you step in the front door

  • There will always be disposable masks for you and your guests if you arrive without one

  • The NEOC team will be always available to offer friendly reminders and further clarification when necessary

A few important reminders:

  • The Hús is a symptom-free zone, please stay home if you’re feeling sick.

  • Sanitize and wash your hands often, this dramatically reduces the spread of illnesses.

  • Sanitize public items and spaces after use. All you need to do is a quick spray and wipe!

  • Above all, be courteous and respectful! And don't forget to say hello to one another.

General Resources: 

For more information on:

  • State of Maine Covid-19 Response, click here

  • CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals, click here

  • CDC guidance for unvaccinated individuals, click here

  • CDC guidance for international travel, click here

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