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There is Now a Choice When it Comes to Masks!

Updated 05/24/21

Greetings everyone! 


Well we have made it to an incredible milestone. As of 5/24, new guidelines issued by the State of Maine and US Center for Disease control allow vaccinated individuals to forgo the wearing of masks in nearly all situations. Including indoors! That has BIG implications on how we’re able to use the Hús, so with that in mind, here’s how we’re managing things.

  • VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS: There is now a choice for vaccinated individuals when it comes to wearing masks in the Hús. We’re pleased to share that you’re welcome to do what you’re most comfortable with. 

  • UNVACCINATED INDIVIDUALS: Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with health authority guidelines, masks remain required for unvaccinated individuals (including children).

  • We will not be requesting proof of vaccination and we kindly ask that you don’t make that demand of others.

  • We remain committed to all practices intended to reduce the presence and transmission of pathogens, including regular cleaning. Sanitization resources will remain widely available in the Hús for all guests to use at their discretion.

  • Contact tracing protocols remain in place in the event they are needed.

  • We still ask you to remain home or avoid the Hús if you’re feeling sick.

While you're with us, please remember to be courteous and accommodating to the best of your ability. This is undoubtedly a big change for us all and everyone has been touched by the pandemic in different ways, so flex in your muscles of empathy often. There may be situations when a visitor to the Hús is more comfortable being around others if they have their masks on, so we ask you to use your best judgment in these moments. Should you ever have any concerns, just find a member of the NEOC team.

Above all, the NEOC is humbled to be part of such a supportive community, and incredibly thankful for your cooperation. We're honored to have the privilege of opening further due to a nationally decreasing COVID-19 case-load and widespread access to vaccines. 

And if you have questions or concerns, you know how to reach us. We look forward to seeing you!

As always, here are a couple key reminders:

  • Masks in the Hús are required at all times EXCEPT when you’re in your office, seated at your permanent workstation, or when eating or drinking. Masks are also required in the dining area at all times EXCEPT when eating or drinking

  • The Hús is a symptom-free zone, please stay home if you’re feeling sick. 

  • Sanitize and wash your hands often, this dramatically reduces the spread of illnesses.

  • Sanitize public items and spaces after use. All you need to do is a quick spray and wipe! 

  • The quarantine period for non-exempt travel is 10 days without a negative test.

  • Above all, be courteous and respectful! And don't forget to say hello to one another.

Our Policies!


Basic Covid-19 prevention reminders:

  • Practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet of space between you and others at all times, and respect the space of others

  • Wash and/or sanitize your hands upon entry and often throughout your stay, we have plenty of sanitizer and sinks at your disposal

  • Sanitize your hands before and after using frequently touched objects and surfaces, there should be a spray bottle somewhere nearby

  • Wipe objects after use as best as possible

  • If you’re unvaccinated, avoid visiting after travel in accordance with State of Maine guidelines

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes

  • Safety is no accident! Your commitment to an abundance in caution will help keep us all safe and healthy. Thank you in advance!

Sanitization? Signage? You Betcha!

  • We’re constantly cleaning the Hús so it’s ready for you to use safely. In the State of Maine, we’re required to adhere to all the appropriate elements of the General Guidance Checklist, so rest easy, enjoy the coffee and be productive!

Capacity Considerations

There are no longer any COVID-19 related capacity limitations, however we closely manage how the Hús is used. If you're interested in using the space for a specific engagement, or have questions about the operation, we encourage you to make reach out to us at

Travel, Quarantine, Exemptions and Visiting the Hús:

The NEOC is adhering to the State of Maine's travel guidance and asks that visitors observe all of the appropriate mandates. It creates a challenge for us all, undoubtedly, but let's all do our part and get through this together.


The State of Maine has imposed the following:

  • Travel restrictions have been lifted for those with vaccines, and quarantines are not required to visit the Hús.

  • All unvaccinated, non-exempt travelers, whether Maine residents or visitors, must quarantine for 10 days upon entry if not in possession of a negative test that meets the State’s approved exemption criteria. Please consult the Maine CDC website for most up to date information.

  • The State (and the NEOC) will allow unvaccinated adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 Antigen or PCR (molecular) test from a specimen taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival to forgo the 10-day quarantine associated with non-exempt travel.

  • For up to the minute updates, please visit the State of Maine's COVID-19 Travel Page

General Guidance Checklist – What the NEOC is doing to keep employees and customers safe

Additional Covid-19 Resources:

Updates for Our Community on Events & Programming
  • With the help of our members, tenants and collaborators, we will modify previously arranged programming with public health and safety in mind

  • We are committed to adaptation and excited to find new ways to engage with our clients and audiences throughout COVID-19’s period of heightened caution

  • In the Hús, we are routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces, including countertops, tables and doorknobs with approved disinfectants

  • We’ll continue to arrange small tours for those interested in seeing the space, please send a note to

We'll share all event related notifications and updates via social media!

As you get in the habit of engaging in some more regular day-to-day activities, please continue to be vigilant. If you should have any questions about how we are modifying our operations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or 207-560-5850.