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All the important highlights and links from our feed. Scroll away!

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The Hatchery  is an inclusive, grassroots, and open-ended incubator program designed for Founders looking to scale their venture.

Startup Maine Week

Join us at Startup Maine Week, May 14-17 in Portland, for expert insight, skill building, and networking. 

Gulf of Change Insta.png
Gulf of

A "Coffee and Climate" series event with the City of Portland and South Portland's Sustainability Offices to explore the One Climate Future plan.

Secret Island
Launch Party

Be the first to try new salmon products from Secret Island including salmon bacon, burgers, and hot dogs. Register soon!

Ocean and the Outdoors Insta-01.png
Ocean Inspired Outdoor Gear

Come to the Hús to celebrate the outdoors, check out cool gear, have a cold drink and snack, and hang with other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Thor's Skyr Launch

Come to the Hús on Saturday, August 21 from 2-4, meet the Mountain, try some skyr, and hang with good people. All you have to do is register.

The Ocean as a Climate Solution

 Mike Conathan, a tenant at the Hús, recently put out a wonderfully pragmatic opinion piece via The Hill that we encourage you all to read.

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Transforming the Blue Economy

Shifting development towards sustainable and responsible business practices that prioritize the health of our marine ecosystems and social well-being.

Hello Solvitall!

Why the name? Not only is Solvitall® a high-performing lubricant of many uses, but because it's safe, it can be used in any environment, from farm to sea.

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The Last
(Plastic) Straw

Exploring the emerging reality that, yes, seaweed from Maine can replace plastic (as we know it) disappear.

Ag and Aqua Instagram-01.jpg

Join us for the evening as we dive into the multi-layered question "what is the purpose of aquaculture".

World Earth Day EITBE.jpg
Deplasticizing our

No time better than now to hang with a community of people doing their best to help us reduce our use of plastic! 

Rubbish Insta-01.png
Rubbish Cleanup at Luke's in Portland

Come get your cleanup vibes going and enjoy some fun food and drink. And as always - you can win some pretty amazing raffle prizes!

Members &

We're thrilled to have such a vibrant and dynamic group of members. Check them out and let us know if you would like to be plugged in!


A Startup Maine Week Wrap Party celebrating entrepreneurs who feed our love of the oceans and the outdoors.

2023 Aqua Isn't Scary Feed-01.jpg
Aquaculture Isn't Scary
It's Necessary

A Halloween inspired evening with leaders from the aquaculture space discussing the importance of continued growth and innovation!

Start with B.png
with B. 

Celebrating how 'stakeholder capitalism and governance' is shaping businesses of the future with Bristol Seafood and friends.

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Walk the Working Waterfront

WTWW is a free-to-attend, community-built, self-guided walking tour created to give visitors unique access to Portland’s ocean economy

220330 ROTMO Banner.jpg
Rise of the Maine
Oyster 3.0

We can't wait to host you for our first full format EITBE event since before the pandemic. No better theme than Rise of the ME Oyster! 

Celebrating World Oceans Month

Join the New England Ocean Cluster and our tenants in being stewards of our planet and ocean. Let's all dive in!


What a year it has been! A letter from New England Ocean Cluster co-founders Patrick and Janeen Arnold.

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