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A Day at the Arctic Circle Assembly

The Arctic Circle Assembly, as always, has been great. Today's breakout panel was a great success. We're happy to share a synopsis and images below.


Full-utilization is a powerful development concept that derives maximum value from raw materials. It creates value that exceeds the sum of its parts, promotes sustainability of natural resources, and aims to enhance or neutrally-impact the environment. This session explores full-utilization as a model for Arctic economic development, cross-industry collaboration, and scientific and commercial innovation. The panel will present successful examples of full-utilization in the Arctic and discuss multiple prospective opportunities. We will further explore an integrated approach to its investment, development, and governance.

This panel was moderated by Ambassador Geir H. Haarde and highlighted four different approaches to full-utilization. The panelists were Kristinn Hjarmalsson (IS) Icelandic Sustainable Fisheries, Dr. Oyvind Fylling-Jensen (NO) of Nofima, Patrick Arnold (US) of the NEOC, and William Patrowicz (US) of Kaiser Development Group. Their collective works represent several common themes that we hope will provoke thought, opportunities for further collaboration, and powerful ideas for Arctic economic development.


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