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Hús Design & Construction

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The Hús is not just a traditional piece of commercial real estate, it’s a creative and artistic approach to workplace design that embraces the “hygge” mindset as a means of increasing physical and mental well-being in a professional environment. We spend more time at work than we do consciously at home, so it is important to us that the Hús is relaxing, and the space is a draw to Ocean Cluster tenants, members, and visitors.

Minimalist but authentic. Airy with accentuated flair. Biophilic design and environmentally conscious materials and furniture. The Hús draws inspiration from our North Atlantic neighbors and brings it to life on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. We’re excited to be working with John Sundling (Plant Office), an expert in bringing plant life into places where people go to gather, and Alaina Marie, who has worked in concert with us on custom pillows for our dining area. These unique elements tell a story and contribute to the sensation that you truly are in special place when you spend time in the Hús.

Everything has been chosen with a purpose, and we have done our best to be as environmentally minded as we can be. Investments have been made in low-VOC paints and building materials, recycled fixtures and furniture, and a fully stocked kitchenette that will allow us to omit single use plastics from food service during events and programming. We can’t solve every problem overnight, but we can all work on establishing a culture that inspires everyone to be a little bit better. At the New England Ocean Cluster, we’re hopeful the Hús excites people to think not just about business, but the entire Blue Economy.

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Bruce Hannough
Jan 28, 2020

Very excited at the prospect of this project coming to fruition. Can a make a recommendation: perhaps a Tesla charging station ... or two.

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