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Walk the Working Waterfront Will Return

With the anticipated return of the Walking Tour in 2021, let's celebrate the Working Waterfront


On Saturday, June 13th, Walk the Working Waterfront will turn seven years old. For all of us, this year has been a wild one; undoubtedly strange, filled with uncertainty, and not without its fair share of challenges. In the face of all this, we have seen incredible determination and creativity on display across the Old Port. With adaptations going on all around us, and our pivot for WTWW 2020 will be to convert our one-day, large format gathering to a campaign that promotes more frequent, smaller format ways to get out and experience the working waterfront. 

The signs of the re-opening transition are all around us. We have been thrilled to see the return of outdoor dining at some of our favorite eateries and we’ve peered in through the windows to see what the new digs look like at spots where various levels of renovations are still underway. Boat tours and vessel cruises are offering up a ton of responsibly sized ways to get out on the water. Fresh seafood can now be paired with the sun and sea breeze on those newly opened decks and patios across the Old Port. 

Our message for 2020 is to encourage folks to walk the working waterfront all summer long. And, with our eyes on the horizon to #WTWW2021, we are looking at opportunities to create an even more accessible event platform that promotes engagement with the waterfront community year round. As we grow the event through new campaigns and collaborations, our team always welcomes input and ideas from the community. Please reach out to us with thoughts on how we might work together. 

This weekend and all summer long, we invite you to join us in supporting the working waterfront and our local businesses. And, as we raise our socially distanced glasses to the arrival of warmer temps , let’s share a toast to this community. 


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