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Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy

A curated event series created to bring the ocean-minded community together for important conversations.

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Purposeful Growth


Briana Warner - Atlantic Sea Farms

Sarah Alexander - Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners

Barton Seaver – Author, chef, speaker

Tues May 17, 2022


@ The Hús


Attendees will enjoy oysters from our good friends at Lady Shuckers, beverages, and snacks and participate in a Q&A with our distinguished guests.

Purposeful Growth


In a brainstorming session for this event, Barton Seaver posed the very simple question, "what is the purpose of aquaculture?" On the surface, the question may seem straightforward. Producing food very much comes to mind. But if we unpack the inquiry, it quickly becomes obvious there is a much deeper, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary conversation to be had--and it's one that has been ongoing in Maine's agriculture sector for quite some time. From producing healthy food, to mitigating environmental challenges, to creating new economies, or inspiring a new and diverse generation of food producers, the functions of both land and ocean-based farming are many.

In this installment of Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE), we'll dive into this question with Sarah Alexander of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and Briana Warner of Atlantic Sea Farms in an engaging fireside chat guided by author, speaker, and chef, Barton Seaver.

A Special Thank You to:
Atlantic Sea Farms

Atlantic Sea Farms founders created the first commercially viable seaweed farm in the United States in 2009, with the goal of diversifying how our coastal waters are used and providing a domestic, fresh, healthy alternative to imported seaweed products.

Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver is one of the world’s leading sustainable seafood experts and educators. Before leaving the restaurant industry to pursue his interests in sustainable food systems, he was an award-winning chef leading top seafood restaurants in Washington, DC. After traveling the world with the National Geographic Society, he translated his experiences into his leadership in the area of sustainable seafood innovations.



Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE) is an event series created by the New England Ocean Cluster to share the stories of ocean-focused entrepreneurs and project leaders in Maine. Each session is free to attend and includes a curated panel of speakers who share their own intimate and organic perspectives on the topic du jour. Created in 2019, the program’s intent is to convene an engaged audience to raise awareness, promote dialog, and facilitate connections amongst those interested in the region’s blue economy.

For 2022, the EITBE series has become a part of Transforming the Blue Economy (TBE), a purpose-driven collaboration created by the World Ocean Observatory, a 501c.3 non-profit, and the New England Ocean Cluster. The project endeavors to advance and modernize New England’s ocean-minded industries through education and community engagement; by bridging the gap between capacity and need; and by assisting in the creation of sustainable and innovative enterprises. 

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