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We're Calling it a Graduation!

And we're a melting pot of emotions, but above all,

we're incredibly thankful and beyond excited for Brady and Joe.

A note from Janeen & Patrick Arnold.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

Headed into the weekend, Janeen and I wanted to share a bit of news on behalf of the New England Ocean Cluster and Soli DG, Inc.  

We’ve always felt that as a company, we are the sum of our people and experiences.  If we are lucky, both shape us for the better. Building the NEOC to what it is today has been a Herculean task, and we are forever grateful to have had the privilege to work beside some amazing people along the way.  Two of those individuals you all know and love - Brady Davis and Joe Camp - will be moving on to new opportunities this fall. Though we are heavy hearted to say goodbye, we are delighted to see them grow, pursue new experiences, and embark on their respective next chapters in life.  

We encourage you to follow Joe and his wife Kristen as they continue to grow their small business, Campfire Pottery, and settle into their new shop Ember ( 5 South Street, Portland, ME 04101). Joe has always been an entrepreneur and we’re thrilled he is taking his commitment to building a Maine company one step further. 

Our adoration and respect holds true for Brady as well, the wonderful person he is. Brady joined the NEOC team right out of college, polished beyond his years from his time with the Mitchell Institute. He has grown immensely over the last 4+ years, playing an instrumental role in expanding the NEOC’s relationship with the UMaine system. If you have encountered a happy University student in the Hús, well that is thanks to Brady. To say the least, we are excited to see all of the wonderful things he will accomplish here in Maine and beyond.  

Going through changes in the team is never easy, but we would be remiss if we don’t take a moment to sprinkle in some optimism. Over the last year the NEOC has been hard at work improving its operation on the backend, sharpening its long term strategy and building meaningful programming we hope will have a lasting impact on Maine. We can’t wait to share and work with you all in pursuit of our mission. 

For those of you who are available, we invite you to join us for a small farewell gathering on Tuesday 8/24 in the Hús, from 3-5

Very Best Regards

Patrick & Janeen Arnold

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Words from Brady & Joe


Brady Davis
Project Manager
  • LinkedIn

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my resignation from the New England Ocean Cluster at the end of August. After a long and deliberate process, I’m ready to take action on lifelong interests and make the leap to pursue them professionally. 


One of the hardest things about change is moving away from people and places you care about. I’ve spent four formative years with the NEOC; first starting out as an intern right after college and receiving my first ever full-time job offer in 2017. The greatest privilege of all has been the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. Many of these folks might even read this and I’d like them to know the impact that our conversations have had on me. 


To the NEOC and Soli DG teams, I am so grateful for the opportunities you have provided and for your approach to leadership. Beyond coworkers, you have all served as mentors to me in a variety of ways.


To NEOC members, tenants, and collaborators, I thank you for deeply inspiring me with your purpose-driven work.


Throughout the pandemic, the Hús has been a safe and incredibly uplifting place to be. The NEOC community is a special one filled with so many operating with heart, grit, and creative spirit. I will miss you all and the Hús dearly. 


The direction I’m headed is into the sustainable construction and building trade fields. My ambition is to have a hands-on role in transitioning Maine to carbon neutrality by 2045. Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources are two of the ways that the State can drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. My interests include learning to weatherize existing homes, installing clean energy technologies, and participating in new construction projects.  


I think if we’re lucky, our first jobs are special experiences with lasting influences on us. This is undoubtedly the case for me with the NEOC. Until the end of August, you’ll find me in Office 1 at the Hús, and I hope we can find time to connect. 

CWnek_Kristen_Joe_Camp_015_HR-475x712 copy.jpg
Joe Camp
  • LinkedIn

In September, I will be reducing my role at the New England Ocean Cluster from CFO to bookkeeping.


I count myself very blessed to have had the wonderful opportunity to work for and with such an amazing team of people. I am so grateful to Patrick and Janeen for their leadership and their constant willingness to support me in my career.


My wife Kristen and I started a Pottery business back in 2015 and have been slowly growing the business to a point where I feel I need to pivot away from my current role at the NEOC to take a more active role with my wife at Campfire Pottery.


Though I am saddened to be stepping away from all the amazing work being done at the NEOC, I am excited for the growth opportunity ahead with Campfire.

I have absolutely loved my time getting to know some of the folks in the NEOC network and all of the meaningful work being done. I will be transitioning to my new role throughout September.



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