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Breakout Room


The Important Stuff.
  • Using multiple spaces - Avoid having your company occupy multiple rooms and/or phone booths at the same time.

  • Ending on time - Please be sure to wrap up your meeting and depart the space as scheduled, it’s possible someone is looking to start right after you.

  • Meeting length - Booking a breakout room consecutively for more than 3 hours will need approval from an NEOC team member. Just send us an email with your request, we're here to help.

  • Back to back bookings - Be considerate and spread out your bookings when possible. Remember anything in excess of 3 conecutive hours in one room will require approval.

  • Remember the alternative spaces - Consider using your office, the café, or other open air seating when appropriate to lighten the load on shared meeting rooms and phone booths.

  • The Crown Jewel - Fresnel Room - Avoid booking the Fresnel Boardroom for small parties, its best use is for larger gatherings.

  • Cancelling a meeting - If you made a reservation and no longer need it, please be sure and remove it from the calendar, or advise an NEOC team member.

  • Reserving a room - This can be done through the NEOC website in the "Members Area" (password is ‘NEOC’) or at the iPad terminals outside each breakout room.

  • Read the scene - Avoid “squatting” in a breakout room to take a call, especially if there are multiple people having meetings in the building.

  • Cleaning up - Remember to remove trash/items from breakout rooms upon completion of your meeting.

  • Tech support - If assistance with audio/visual equipment is needed, please advise a NEOC team member in advance.

  • Room credits - Be mindful that all tenants have a set hourly allowance for breakout rooms and try not to deviate too far from yours. The NEOC will help with identifying overages. See allowances here

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When should I reserve a breakout room?

Breakout rooms are primarily intended for in person meetings. If you can take calls from your office, desk, or other parts of the building, that is preferred. We do, however, recognize there will be times when a private room needs to be booked for a virtual meeting or call. We just ask that you try to limit these.

Can I take a call in the public spaces of the building?


Absolutely! We just ask that you use an appropriate volume and try to position yourself in a less populated part of the building.

What are my breakout room credits and what happens if I go over?


Good question, and thanks for asking! Allowances can be found here. If you go over, rooms are available to rent, but we would always have a conversation with you beforehand to make sure we are all on the same page.

What do I do if someone is in my room during my reservation?


A knock and a friendly wave can go a long way. If you are uncomfortable interrupting, we are really good at it! Feel free to find a member of the NEOC team for assistance.

Who is allowed to book breakout rooms?


Only members, tenants, or those on their teams. This is an exclusive perk.

Can I have an event in a meeting room?


Well, aren’t we feeling fancy! Of course you can! Here are the event policies for members and tenants.

Can I put other members of my team or clients in a breakout room?


Yes, in accordance with the above breakout room guidelines.

Can I book a breakout room outside of business hours?


Yes, in accordance with the rules above, but it’s important to consider the nature of the gathering given there will be no staff on site. A strictly work-related meeting is one thing, but a happy hour gathering with alcohol for 12 people is entirely different. We just ask that you inform the NEOC team if your gathering is hovering on the line between work and play.

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